trucking syracuse Riccelli Enterprises, Inc. Credit Application
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Company Info:
Names of Officers, Partners or Proprietor:
Credit Info:
(If so, you must provide a P.O. Number at time of purchase)
Sales Tax: If you are exempt from NYS Sales Tax, the law requires you to provide an exemption certificate to be returned with this application.

If you are working on certain jobs that are tax exempt, the proper certificate must be provided to Riccelli Enterprises, Inc. for each job.
Reference Info:
Trade References: (Affiliated companies connot be considered as a trade reference.)
Terms and Conditions:
Terms and conditions of sale: The undersigned agrees to pay for all billing according to the terms of the creditor which are "NET 30 DAYS" from the date of invoice. In the event that payment is not made within 30 days of the date of invoice interest will be imposed on the invoice balance at the Annual Interest Rate of 18% and added to the amount due. No terms or conditions of purchase orders different from the terms of creditor will become part of any sales agreement, purchase order, or other document unless specifically approved in writing by creditor. On request, the undersigned agrees that the continued solvency of the undersigned is a precondition to any sale made by creditor. The undersigned agrees to provide the creditor with a statement representing that the undersigned is and remains solvent. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that the creditor may utilize outside credit reporting services to obtain information on the undersigned. The laws in the state where the material and/or service is actually sold or preformed shall be applicable to all suits arising under any agreement between the undersigned and the creditor.

In the event that Riccelli Trucking, Inc. are required to take action, in their sole discretion, to enforce the collection of payment of any invoice or payment due by the applicant, the applicant shall be liable for all collection fees, including reasonable attorney fees and costs for such action wether formal legal action is commenced or not.

The person signing this application certifies that all of the information contained in this application, and any attachment is true and correct to the best of their information, knowledge and belief. Applicant, in submitting this application for the purpose of obtaining credit, authorizes Creditor Company to contact the above references to obtain any information pertaining to the applicants credit worthiness.

To induce creditor to extend credit to applicant, if applicant is a corporation or partnership, or agent of the applicant hereby agrees that by execution of this credit application on behalf of the applicant, he or they are personally liable, jointly and severely with the applicant, as guarantor(s) for the payment of all indebtedness and liabilities of the applicant owes to creditor, demand for payment and notice of indebtedness and default are expressly waived.
Document to be electronically signed by officer of company.
By checking the following checkbox, you are in agreement with the terms and conditions stated within this document. If you are not authorized to sign this document, please do not continue.